My experience with my voices?

actually they are trying to be god

why i say so ??

they do good things and bad things in the same time

good things to make cheerful so i think they will be my friends

then they accuse me of things and mistreat me and torture me and “quarrel” with me and make my life very hard so i think they are bad people

they also make predictions about the future and try to make things happen

they encourge morals in me and punish me for immoral act

they ask me to pray too much despite their misbehaves to me

then i found lately they doing that they try to look like if they are god

so till now idk if they are friends or not

mostly they are not

that is it

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what kind of good things do they do? :thinking:

joke with me and girls to talk to me and … things like that

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that was the same with me, they used to joke with me so much, people were confused why i was laughing at work. I also had sex with my voice which was actually nice.

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you said it ?? :joy:
i was shy to say it :joy:

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