Voices Scream At Me

They do this all day long in the meanest way possible, and I have not one nice voice. Does anyone else have this?

Yes my voices yell at me and tell that there god


My voices have been good today they say they have been giving me a break but I try to not give them any power

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What does yours say?

They scream at me, accusing me of crimes I have not committed and yell at me in an accusing way to commit crimes. They also insult my appearance. They actually say I’m abusing them, even though they torture me constantly. They tell me the only reason I should take meds is so they can be rid of me. They used to be nice sometimes, but now they’re never nice.

Mine used to be nice but turned evil when I started smoking cigs

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It’s awful when they turn evil.

My voices when I’m delusional say they are God and you better do this or that or else you are going to end it all or something really bad is going to happen. So they are very manipulative.

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My voices used to say they were God. Now they scream at me if I think about what they used to say. They’re always changing true story.

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Mine are always mean and demanding, but they are trying to save me. “The only way to save (my name) is to kill her.” The man says this a lot in really difficult times.

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