My ex to the rescue yet again

Mental Health has a new person training to set up the transporter’s schedules. She didn’t get my transport scheduled for today to go pick up my meds and do my check in. I called them about 5 minutes before my appointment to see where my transporter was and found this out. They were like terribly sorry and going to try to find someone to come get me. So I called my ex and he said he had to go out anyway and he wouldn’t mind taking me. I called Mental Health and let them know he had me covered.

He took me and ran his errand while I was in there. I was in the middle of my check in when we heard a honking horn and the nurse said would Chuck honk? and I laughed and said if it was my sister yes but no Chuck wouldn’t honk. We all laughed. It’s funny because my sister is a little high strung. Anyway , we finished up, I got my meds and it was my ex to the rescue yet again. Oh and my ex said the honking horn was somebody’s grandma tired of waiting for them.