My dose of invega sustenna got lowered today


I am so happy. My dose of invega sustenna injection went from 75mg to 50mg. I am hoping this will give me less side effects and more motivation to start working again.


Congratulations! I hope it turns out great. It’s funny how great it feels just to be able to put up dishes when before, you couldn’t get yourself to do it.


Yes I am hoping to have more energy, then hopefully start driving again and get a cleaning job.


That’s awesome!! I recently got my dose lowered too. Went from 234mg to 156mg. So far I’m doing good. I know how exactly how you feel. You’ve come this far hopefully things continue to get better for you. I wish you all the best!!!


I like the higher dosages. On 234mg right now.


My prolactin levels were a little high according to my psychiatrist. Also I suddenly have high cholesterol as well which is also a side effect of the medicine. My thinking is the less medication I need the less the side effects and less problems I’ll have to deal with. We’ll see how low I can go.


I’ve asked my contact if I could lower The dose of Invega Trinza. They wanted a blood sample to check the concentration first. So gonna leave a sample when it’s time for the next injection. Which is in June.


Thank you. I am glad you got your dose lowered too and hopefully you can go lower in the future. I am hoping to be down to 39mg. But I don’t know if that will happen.


Nice Dave hopefully they will lower it. I am hoping to get on invega trinza too.


I hope so @November . But even if they lower it, I’ll have to wait for 3 more months for the new lower dose. Kinda sucks.