My dog when I was a kid

His name was Hershey. Hey was a special dog. He was a black lab. He was bigger than the average black lab. He weighed 125 lbs. He was the most attractive black lab I have ever seen. His mother even won 1st prize at a dog show. He kept escaping by running out of the door right when we opened the outside door. He also broke the leash he was on. One time he got loose, and the mall called us and said,
'your dog is in the mall. Then not to long after that a store on the other side of mal called also. So therefor he ran through the whole mall.


He even pulled me and my father up a hill when we were on a sled when it was snowing. He also flunked obedience school. The teacher tried to make him sit but he was too big a strong for her, so she basically told my mother that it wasn’t going to work out.

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Did he die?

I love dogs

We had a yellow lab. He was so cool. Kept me going through bad times. He was a great dog

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