My dog had fleas two weeks ago

And sure as damn it, eggs must be in my carpets despite spraying them all, and cleaning everything


So I have ordered a load more stuff to kill the little ■■■■■■■■

This time it says on the can it kills eggs and larva

Not nice


I know fleas don’t stay on humans long, but it’s making me feel itchy all over

They came from after he got groomed. I know he could have picked them up anywhere, but he had them right after he had a trim


If this happens every 14 days like it says online it’s an infestation in my home

Uh oh!

You might want to let management in your building know. They can probably help with getting a professional bug man.

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Is doing it with the killing stuff from the pet store not likely to work?

My neighbours will be pissed at me if an insect killer van turns up!

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Hmmmm. To be honest I’m not too sure. But it’s probably best to let management know and hopefully they’ll take up the bill.

Don’t worry too much about what people think. You gotta kill those flea eggs mane.

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I will let them know.

Luckily there are no other dogs in my block that can pick them up.

We have a place called Rentokill

Going to contact them when the rest of Europe wakes up

Cheers man!

Guess the joys of dog ownership!

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Sounds like a solid plan.

Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

Thankfully Jimmy has never gotten fleas, but he’s an indoor cat.

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Mason doesn’t look like he’s been bitten, so I think they’re young fleas.

I killed a few

But they will be fine, as we got some flea shampoo, but it’s the eggs online it says 1 flea can lay 25 eggs a day

And they get in the carpets, bedding and clothes

That’s good! I considered an indoor cat before, but I got a dog in the end

No regrets at all - having a pet has really helped me a lot having an animal to care for.

I live alone so it’s nice for the company

Just not the fleas tho!

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Oh yeah, I totally get it brother.

Having a little furbaby as a pet has really been a blessing in my life as well.

I even find it comforting when I hear Jimmy digging in his litter-box when I’m going to sleep. :slight_smile:

Good luck getting rid of those damn fleas!!

Thanks! I hope they will get sorted out.

Don’t need this hassle!

Never remember my childhood dog having fleas.

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I hope you can get quickly rid of them!

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