My doctor was violent

So often, doctors methods are violent. Does anyone ever choose one? Is it always that one “has to” go to a doctor?

My former pdoc yelled at me when I was in the ward . I’m glad the ■■■■■■■ retired.

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I quitted my psychologist. The reason I told him: “I think I´m fine and I don´t need therapy anymore”. We spend the last 5 sessions talking almost about why I shouldn´t quit, he was very persistent.
It was a chore, and one of the most unpleasants I needed to do.


I personally find psychologists scammers, they waste your time while stealing your money. And they’re not qualified to treat mental illness, they’re fake Drs lmao

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@chordy Your posts are always catchy and emotional lol My psychiatrist nearly yelled at me once but he was right bcz I changed my meds like 10 times, he got mad bcz I didn’t trust him about that there is no meds for negative symptoms yet.

I find it difficult to trust a doctor.

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