My daughter was in a car accident


She’s going to be okay. She’s 7 1/2 months pregnant and from what they can tell the baby is okay. She has a small gash on her forehead, a cut on her tongue and bumps and bruises. I knew something bad was going to happen. I had the feeling all day. Oh thank god they are going to be okay.


well thank goodness she’s o k and the baby is safe…that’s some scary stuff…I hope you are o k.


I am glad that she and the baby will be fine.


I am glad they are safe…take care terra u are strong human being…


I truly hope nothing bad happens to your daughter and her baby. Stay strong !


I’m glad she and the baby are ok! So scary. :sparkling_heart:


I’m glad to hear they are ok.


I’m so glad they’re ok!


That isn’t terrible! I’m glad she and the baby are okay. How are you doing?


I’m doing better today. We’re minutes away from leaving for the wedding and everyone is nervous. Nervous but getting silly too. I guess being silly is a good way to express anxiety. As for me I took my prn, tried to hold out but decided sometimes it’s just easier to take it. I needed it yesterday too. If people would stop calling off weddings, crashing their cars and calling weddings back on again I wouldn’t need so much Ativan lol. Hopefully in an hour everything will all go back to normal boring bliss again. I’m praying.


Good luck today at the wedding!

Keep us posted.


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