My cousin is dying

I am so sorry @Zannah
God bless


Im so sorry. that scares me. I quit drinking alcohol at all. I think I had a glass of wine twice this year and with fam. friends.

Vivitrol is supposed to help with alcohol and opiate dependancy. People are scared of getting better, I mean vivitrol was a miracle for me. I dont even feel like an addict/remember being an addict anymore.

Maybe if they went to a program or rehab it would help plea the case for a liver transplant. I wish you all the best…

What a tragedy, dear :frowning: … I am very sorry. My sister has cancer too, i thought for a time, that we are almost eternal, but no… Sheesh, try to stay strong, they would like the happiness for us still…

They’ve both been to rehab. And right now they’re both currently doing a rehab program. But like I said, they’ve done rehab and didn’t quit drinking. My sisters stepdaughter started drinking the night she got home from rehab.