My condition is deteriorating

My level of physical energy is so low I can’t get out of the house.

I’ve had this problem several times. I did some researching on the internet and I read a lot of times it’s from being a little dehydrated. I drink some cold ice water about 8-14 ounces while I’m listening to upbeat music. It helps tremendously. I also had blood work done and my iron and vitamin d level were low so I take vitamins for both of those (only iron occasionally but a big dose of vitamin d! I’ve heard several people tell me b12 helps too. During the day if I hit a brick wall from being tired I will force myself to walk around the block. Getting up to do it is the hardest part, but a small price to pay to reboot my energy and get my endorphins going.


Mine is good Chess, but wish for less people in my body, and bad news like I am going to die I just want to be safe and left alone. What can I do to prevent this? People can’t read my mind right? Wish for my doctor’s wisdom. Thoughts are just thoughts he says.

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Maybe you should go see a doctor… It´s serious when you can´t carry your daily habits.

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I’m sorry your feeling this way @Chess24.
I’m feeling the same way lately.
I have low energy and can barely spend time on my property outside of the house.

Sorry you are feeling like that! I too have low energy. It sucks. How long have you been feeling like that?

Nope, nobody can read your mind! You and prettyrose seem to have the same exact issues regarding this. Maybe you should reach out to her. She’s having a hard time to thinking she’s in danger and that everyone can read her mind. I know a lot of people have these symptoms but both of y’all seem to be very similar. Trust your doc. Thoughts are just thoughts! I like the way he put it.

Ok thanks @Pinkbarbie23. I will reach out to her.

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