Feeling sapped of energy

Feeling sapped of energy and not like myself today. Had people in my body and harassing me. I’m usually more cheerful and positive. The people listen to my unwanted thoughts and then yell at me. They call me all these names and even people on tv too I think. Wish I can get out of this feeling. Don’t have any privacy. Trying to ignore them.

sometimes i feel an emotional or physical sapped it depends, becuase right now i’m feeling both.

Sorry about that Illvoices, hope you feel better.

I am always tired. I have low thyroid, found out today I am severely deficient in vitamin D and I take meds that cause me to be tired. I would love to have more energy. Hope you feel better.

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so ive got a blog explaining this already but i’ll share it anyways and i think that the problem is a weak signal to your body which dosent allow the cells to carry out any other function rather than wait on the one its receiving to the brain, or it could be a strong signal. :confused: