My computer went crazy

I’ve had trouble figuring out computer problems like how to format different writings for publications. I finally started to figure out how to do this, and I was downloading something I wrote onto a flash drive. I was finally getting it into the format for submission to a literary magazine. I was breaking the code. Then my computer went crazy. It went to a fuzzy screen, flashing on and off, with all kinds of crazy things. It is so infuriating to me when someone interfers with my life when they have absolutely no justification to do that. I have fantasies of extreme violence against people who interfere like this. God, it makes me angry.

I hate to say it crimby but I don’t think anyone else did anything to your computer. I hope it all works out. good for you for writing something for publication. good luck.

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hmmm what was that i was told when i told this forum i had spyware on my laptop?
see the thing is, spyware and malware are very common and affect lots of different people’s pc’s. sometimes they are just irritating little mouse control problems and pop ups…other times they are key stroke loggers sent in an email that looks legit and suddenly your bank account has been cleared out, or your ex boyfriend suddenly seems to know where you go and who with without you actually having said a word because he;s put spyware on your phone and uses the phone’s microphone to bug your conversations and the phone’s video camera to watch you…one of the reasons i don’t have a phone most of the time or a web cam or microphone on my pc or laptop… i want privacy so i run the battery down and i’ve got it…otherwise in your case it could’ve been just a simple email that gave your computer a virus. good luck getting it sorted…i could’ve offered you the same courtesy i was given and told you were ill but i won’t do that simply because i know what it;s like to have viruses on your computer as it;s more common than you think.


What kind of anti virus do you have?

Norton antivirus.

You should get avast or avg, they’re better than norton

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sure it wasn’t you (that went crazy) never mind your computer lol

In my case there is no “went” to it. I’m always crazy, but I think my grasp of reality is strong enough to tell when it’s my computer acting up, and not me.

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I agree with Minni. You should get AVG or Avast. Norton just slows things down.

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My computer is so outdated. Everything runs slow. I have to patiently wait to built up funds to buy a new laptop, and THIS time it’s going to be a pricey & high-performing one. No more “bargain” build laptops, I want cutting edge tech so I can actually view & interact at legit speeds.

We picked up a low end Dell tower with Windows 8.1 last December for about $300 at Best Buy… it works pretty decent… I haven’t had much luck with laptops… seems like there are always issues with them.

I like using the lite version of this on some of the old PCs:

Windows security sucks and probably always will… their code is probably a huge mess by now. If an operating system is written well you shouldn’t need an antivirus. I use windows by necessity for now but will probably switch over to Linux once I can run everything I need to (plus figure out how to work around the stupid UEFI system on my desktop.)

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