My chest feels weird :(

Is worrying me. i read a thing about how while the ice caps melt dead animals thaw out and put anthrax into the air :frowning: that is really messing with me :frowning:

if its Covid and i die write on my grave ‘and he thought it was anthrax’ with a laugh emogi and a tear face :frowning:

Is it pressure? Pain?

no, it feels like something is attacking them, my breathing feels heavy

If your breathing feels heavy you should go to urgent care to be safe

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Yea check it out but it could be anxiety related instead of something else…

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@ZmaGal is right. If you have breathing problems you need urgent medical attention.

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idk what to do, if there is a test kit, :frowning: its probably nothing but i don’t know

I had a cheese toastie this morning and i felt awful after, the bread is good but i dont think the cheese agrees with me but idk how that would affect my chest :frowning:

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You should get that checked today, as soon as possible. It could just be panic, but it could even be your heart or lungs.

i’m sorry, i dont mean to scare anyone but i’m a lot more conscious of my health these days and esp when my chest feels heavy :frowning:

I havent any symptoms of covid19 i dont think

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It’s ok to share with us when you don’t feel good. Are you going to get it checked?

i called my sister and asked her what to do in an emergency, and she gave me some reassurance, it seems to be a bit better now,

i think a lot of people will be very worried even with minor symptoms of colds and things over Autumn/Winter bc of everything that has happened with covid19

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I’m glad you’re feeling better

I have a bit of a windy cough, its not a dry cough, its hard to explain but hopefully its just a little bug or something, cant help thinking the worst though :frowning:

I have so many plans to help people in the future and if i die i wont be able to do that :frowning:

I have been thinking about my life and worth and mortality a lot today, and basically feel that most of my life i havent given enough bc i have been sick, it is a bit sad and it makes me feel like a bit of a drain on society bit its not my fault,

I feel less valuable as a person and if i was to chose who were to live or die i would probably chose a dr or Pastor or something to live instead of me, but when i do move on i think I will be pitied and (i can’t finish this sentence)

I think if i die i would give all my money to my favourite charity,

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You might have symptoms of heart disease or blocked artery. Cheese is really bad if your arteries are blocked. I would see someone if you continue to have problems and fix your diet.

Have you ever thought about doing volunteer work? It’s very rewarding and can give you a sense of purpose.

@Resilient1. Do you think that maybe you’re preoccupied with your health due to feeling stressed? Your initial post about anthrax is really far fetched which is why I’m wondering.

i feel crap again today and i need to volunteer soon :frowning:

@Moonbeam the thing about anthrax came up on my news feed :frowning:

@mrhappy If you’re not feeling well you should stay home and rest. Don’t go out to volunteer. Call your primary care doctor or advice nurse and describe your symptoms and they can advise you. If you’re having chest pain, difficulty breathing or other serious symptoms, call your medical emergency number or go to A&E.

In terms of the anthrax news story, my point was that maybe the anxiety and stress you’re feeling from reading about anthrax may be contributing to your symptoms.

I was thinking about cancelling but i didnt want to let them down

thanks for the concern, I’ll keep an eye on my health and i will definitely call someone if it is an emergency, My gp called on Monday afternoon but i forgot to mention the chest pain :frowning:

Not sure what to do now, I’m hoping it’s nothing but what if it’s not? What if I have it and it’s slowly killing me and idk if I’m spreading it,

I have a busy schedule now and I’m not sure whether to cancel everything and isolate for 2weeks, I haven’t had any covid 19 symptoms but I am still suspecting it :persevere:

My chest and breathing doesn’t feel right :persevere:

Sorry for bothering people with this :persevere: hope you are all well x