Stress. anxiety, pressure

hi. i would get so stressed if i tried to read everything on this forum and reply to everything my anxiety would go through the roof and talk about the pressure i would feel :boom:

pressure kills me dead, if i feel like i am under any sort of pressure my stress levels and anxiety levels peak and i am floored, its the worse when i am in the kitchen,

i volunteered in a kitchen once and it was so hectic, the boss was working me like a slave i couldnt breathe and i had to stop it in the end i just couldnt function,

i have a muscle between my chest (not my heart) that gets really sore and painful when i am anxious and it effects the rest of my body and i need to sit down and i have been told that it fills with blood and cramps up but i am still not sure about it because it was a psychiatric nurse that told me this.

any way lots of things affect me and my stress levels its not just the kitchen but the kitchen tends to be the worse, i am volunteering in a small soup kitchen just now and it is less pressure and a nicer enviroment but i still feel it sometimes just not as bad as the other place but i still have to sit down sometimes when it is worse and try and manage it…

how do you deal with these symptoms?

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I take a long bath, (hide in the bathtub) and wear head phones. Or I go for a long walk. I have been known to scream at a tree. (but I have a dead cell phone with me so people think I’m just having a bad call)
I have sat in my closet… dark, quiet, no one can see me.

If everything… Every simple little thing is just too much I grab my surfboard and paddle out away from shore. Surf is not up, but sitting on my board in the middle of the open water just looking at the shore and hearing nothing but the ocean will calm me down. Or I go to a pool on a quiet time and sit on the bottom of the deep end. I have a small scuba tank so I can just sit there, listen to the hum of the pool filters and calm my brain. But my stress relief usually always involves water. I always feel safe in the water.


I I hibernate in my bed under the quilt as long as I need to.

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Last time I hid under a quilt my kid sis kissed my forehead and said… “Oh poor J, I don’t want you to be cold.” then she put a blanket on me… and put another blanket on me… and put another blanket on me… an another… and another… until I was TOO hot and I had to get up and get out of there.


water helps me a lot too, i remember chasing the fish on holiday under the water it was the best therapy ever lol, i think water is very spiritual as well.


It’s crazy but when I get really bad anxiety I go and sit in front of the box fan in my room and the breeze and sounds of it soothes me, other than that I pace. Not good the latter. desimb

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i use to do that, we had the fans on constantly and the noize would calm us and the breaze would make us feel a bit better, i also paced the floor a lot but i eventually stopped that and it turned in to a warning sign for me.

What you just described sounds like a panic attack, and your psychiatric nurse is incompetent. You NEED a benzodiazapine. Your anxiety is debilitating, which means you require an anxiolytic to function normally. I am prescribed xanax because I am a very high functioning paranoid schizophrenic, I use my meds to make me work and socialize, I don’t take like 3mg of xanax at once to get high or anything like that. I was put on xanax, came back to the docs office with all A’s and I had dated two girls, and so my doc has put me on it long term.

It’s the opposite mentality of “dont fix it if it aint broke”, it’s “fix it if it is broke”

Some doctors just wont prescribe benzos. Well if yours is like that, go to a different one. You sound like you need one, that or Buspar, a new anti-anxiety med that isn’t a benzo, it’s its own thing, its pretty new. My sister takes it. I personally need a benzo to also help with akathisia, so Buspar isn’t really an option for me. Benzo’s have muscle relaxing properties.

I think what you are describing is very treatable, so just seek help and you should feel a whole lot better. I was even given a second opinion on my diagnosis, my new shrink thinks I might have generalized anxiety disorder with psychotic features, which he concluded after a couple months of taking to me. I showed no psychotic symptoms or psychotic behavior but I was very anxious, and he realized the first day that I was much more anxious than anything else. He contacted my psychiatrist and told him his opinion.

I don’t “deal” with psychiatric disorders, I take meds for them. It’s not our problem to have a brain disease, it’s a problem for people with degrees in treating brain diseases. I used to self medicate with alcohol and I came to that conclusion when I was really drunk; I was playing doctor, giving myself a prescription of anything at least 80 proof. It was like a moment of clarity, I realized that I was trying to fix myself with the wrong tools.

I dont mean to preach but I think you really need medication. You’re reminding me of how I was before I got treated for anxiety.

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the difficulty breathing that you feel is a common anxiety reaction that many people experience when they are stressed (me included). This is because you start breathing from the top part of your chest in short breaths, and not from your belly - like most people do all the time.

Here is a proven scientific breathing approach that you can use any time you start feeling that pain in your chest as you get anxious. All it takes is about 15 minutes of slow belly breathing and your stress will go away (in my experience):

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you are right, the p/nurse suggested i take something for it, idk what it was he suggested tho,

i need to see someone about it because it is very debilitating and it can strike at any time,

i am always worried about it happening in college in front of my class because they would all laugh at me probably and they might find out i had a problem. and i dont want it to happen in the soup kitchen as they dont know about ‘it’ in there either.

i think it is more of an anxiety attack rather than a panic attack and i think there is a difference as i have had panic attacks before and this isnt the same, panic attacks with me normally are a racing heartbeat and very fast breathing coupled with extreme fear and panic/shock,

this anxiety attack is more a tightness around my chest lots of pressure on me, i tense up and my breathing isnt very fast but it is very heavy and laboured and i tend to take deep breaths like ‘deep sighs’ i need to sit down and i feel totally exhausted.

only thing is that i dont really want to take any other meds, its depressing

Well panic attack or anxiety attack, the same drug will be used to treat it. Benzodiazapines, or minor tranquilizers, aka anxiolytics, are addictive but necessary for people like you and me. The are widely used by kids and idiots to increase one’s BAC while drinking, as they just about double the effects of alcohol (you shouldn’t drink on a high dose of a benzo, or really at all) and they can be used to get a high, but when used in the correct manner, usually 1mg at a time, 2-3 times a day, they prevent unnecessary anxiety and panic attacks and do not knock you out or make you high. It’s when kids take 2-3mg at a time, usually with alcohol, that gives benzos a bad reputation.

I heard a story from my cousin about “gummy bars”, liquid xanax mixed with pure alcohol (everclear) formed into gummy bears. One was like a shot of whiskey and a bar of xanax, and kids would eat like 2 or three and then pass out. He said the guy who was making them quit because they were too popular and too many kids would be slurring “gummy bars” while being put in ambulances. LOL

I take 1mg of xanax usually just twice a day (every 8 hours) and it controls my akathisia (extreme restless leg syndrome, a side effect of modern antipsychotics) and it keeps me from worrying and instead I just do things without getting anxious and having diarrhea, which is what I used to put up with.