Pet reminder


My cat could care less what I do so long as she gets food when required and I let her sleep on me for the requisite number of hours (like all day by her figuring).


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That is very very cute, Dr Zen. Unlike, pixel, my cat really does care if I get my meds. I wish I had someway to print that and post it beside my bed to remind me. But, I am much better now on this med thing.

My girl is not the smartest but when I’m too sick due to the drink to take care of her like I should… She’ll let me know.

Back when we lived on a farm my cat would regularly catch mice, torture them to death, eat part of them, and then leave the heads and tails on my aerobics step as “trophies”. Saying that she has issues is the understatement of the year, and her taking an interest in my medication regimen would probably be cause for alarm.


My beloved cat is totally an indoor apartment cat. When someone knocks on the door or when I leave to walk she runs to the bathroom and hides in her little drawer in the cabinet with the sink. The couple I got her from said once she got outside the house and got disoriented and wouldn’t eat for a week! I am no mama; but, I guess she is a mama’s cat.

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Yeah…it;s 4:15 AM and my kitty is sprawled out on my legs…we are both on my recliner. My day has begun (two hours ago) and her days and nights bleed together as she sleeps duriing both. But she does get up to eat and to play. I wish she would remind me to take my meds, Dr Zen! Thanks for the graphic.


My cat ate the whole mouse. The head is the best part.

I am so not going to ask how you know that!!!

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I can’t put into words exactly the vigor with which my cat would crunch into the skull to get at the last tidbit of meat - the brain. Eats it - then walks away, wholey satisfied. Seemed that way to me, anyway.