My cancer dog update

i went for a ride to meet up with my brother today about 2 hour drive
bailey has not been doing well

she hasnt eaten in 2 days is vomiting water cause she is drinking so much and not eating

she has to pee atleast once an hour if not more, then walks around and tries to pee over and over with out success

when we came home she became aggressive with my puppy and
snapped at me and that is just not like her

we took her to the vet he gave us a med they give cancer patients

he said it should get her eating with 2 hours or hopefully at least 2 days

then we will make a decision on friday weather to put her down

Sorry @yoda123.

Sounds like she is headed toward the end of this life. I would prepare to let her go.

@SpringRose ty
@chordy ya im sad to say i am ready i was ready today but the vet said lets try this last resort

Well, don’t let the vet suck too much money out of you. You know and I know she is dying.

@chordy ya i know i use to work for a vet
they really do suck you dry

I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I lost my cat a while back and I still miss him, a lot.

@Speedy ty for your thoughts

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I’m sorry. That’s so sad. :frowning:

@ZmaGal ty for your support

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i am so sorry @yoda123, i hope she finds peace

@makebelieve ty for your thoughts

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@yoda123 hey sorry about your doggie being sick. Keep us informed

@Twialine ty you i will will let you know what happens

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I’m so sorry for you. I lost my 5 year old doggy to cancer, too. He had lymphoma, and they offered doggy chemo, but it was way out of my budget. I put him down a week after the diagnosis, spent that week spoiling the crap out of him. Yes, the Rainbow Bridge is waiting…

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I’m so sorry. Bless you and your dog. She’s going to love you forever.


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Sorry to hear about your poor pupper. You’ve certainly done everything you could to save her, but it may be time to pass away. Hang in there, it isn’t an easy decision. I know the day i need to put my cat down i’ll be inconsolable.

Is hydration deficient the cause of dog cancer?