My boss assigned me another case in addition to one I had

Realizing of course this all has nothing to do with my eduation, I must have done a good job my first month as my boss gave me a second case and this one is closer to home too. I am actually happy about it. Going to stick with this a while I think unless something I just can’t pass up comes along. It is nice to have a nice boss, he is a nice man. And nice clients. And I am ok and my kids are doing good. Only I can’t figure out the HUGE water bill I got to pay unless the garden is why. But we’ll survive. Thought I’d say HI, I’ve been “checking in” with you guys a long time I think?


Well you persisted desimb, you didn’t give up despite MANY setbacks. And now you got a job that you can do. And a nice boss as a bonus. Well done. Are you going to treat yourself to something with the money?

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