My best Clubhouse tour yet

I was asked to do a tour today & i am glad i accepted, i spoke to 2 staff members from a brain injury charity, I introduced myself & then began to explain what my clubhouse does & how it operates, the 2 women were very impressed so i ran through a lot of the services we offer like art/ allotment/ cycling/ cooking & more, i took them upstairs and they were impressed by the size of the space,

I told them about our meetings & out zine & also the radio production room, they said their charity has a little newsletter as well so i asked if they’d heard of canva & they had not so i asked my boss for permission to show them around that software & they loved the look of it, I finished by sharing a recent video & the blogs page,

It was a lot better than i described it but it was my best tour i have given of my mental health clubhouse charity yet, I felt less stressed today as well.


I never had the opportunity to belong to a clubhouse. Too functional.

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its cool, I’m pretty functional too, we try & help people into work & education so we want people to be like that, if all our clubhouse members were that functional then the clubhouse is doing a good job :slight_smile: ,

I’m generally unwelcome. Too many of them find me to be a reminder of what they don’t have and likely never will have. :frowning:

Great job! That’s awesome!!!

And your clubhouse sounds so cool!


did they say this to you?

People generally like it when a member is doing well I’d say, if someone is jealous then that’s frowned upon, i get treated well, we have members who do really well & no-one gets treated like that. as long as you have a severe & enduring mental illness & have a p/doc, nurse or similar then you qualify.

@CoCo Thanks, I am very involved in it.

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A few complained to the “facilitator” about me being there and she politely asked me to maybe stay away because it was upsetting to others to hear about my problems (job, marriage, mortgage payments, kid).

That’s strange, that shouldn’t matter, its not a therapy service but you should be able to chat with your friends,

as far as I Know - if you qualify to join then unless you are violent or a threat to the clubhouse it should be fine.