I checked out the Clubhouse today

I went to check out the Clubhouse - Wellness Center today with my Case Manager.
I finally took that first big step.

It was smaller than I thought - the people there were friendly and greeted me with open arms.
The problem was that they all seemed to be low functioning but I still may consider going for at least an hour or so a couple of times a week.

It will help kill some time and keep me more social.

I’m going to think about it.

My Case Manager said that she could drop me off and pick me up from there.


This club,is it for people with mental disability?

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Wow. Sounds great !


I got out more when I had a drop in to go to when I was living in Southend.


Yes @anon61768033, it’s a Clubhouse or a drop off Center for those people suffering from a severe mental illness like Schizophrenia or Bipolar, etc…

There is a room with computers and there is a pool table.
Many people were just hanging around the sofa chatting.

Very friendly atmosphere.


Yes I am unsure about clubhouse because the people seem lower functioning. They have job training programs though that you might like. I personally chose other activities like support group and online class and day treatment. If you are high functioning, support group might be better. But I would give it at least a shot for 2 weeks before deciding what you want to do.

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You could find great friends there. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I mean they seemed low functioning but I can get past that.
I’m not so high functioning myself - I’m more mid range.

I may give it a shot and see how it goes.

As long as I’m out of the house for a while then it might be worth while.

I’ve tried support groups before and kind of find them dull after a while.

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Nothing wrong with being low functioning but it is a lot livelier with people who aren’t so severely disabled. It is a different feeling. Maybe try both. It is good to meet people who are both better and worse than yourself. Lots of inspiring people lower functioning than me, I find, if they fight for themselves.

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it sounds like the old place i went to before i went to the clubhouse i’m at just now, they were very close to each other but the funding was cut and it had to close, its actually exciting just now bc there is some hope for that old group now and i am hoping that they could be reestablished,

they are still meeting and have at least 17 members, i am hoping they will merge with my current clubhouse creating two separate members areas, i would like to help them with this process,

my current clubhouse is pretty full although its still accepting members, it would be ideal to launch another sister service, i think it would be an ideal partnership for everyone tbh

glad you went to yours, they are great, i just got involved in things and now i’m employed, i made friends with most of the members and they are friendly, they have various levels of functioning but the model that the clubhouse is based on means that members and staff are all equal and treated the same.

hope you go back and make more friends :slight_smile:

This place is run by people who are diagnosed with a mental illness.
Everyone here has a mental illness including the workers.

I just might give it a go.
I’m going to talk it over with my brother first.


oh right, thats ok, you can still get support from people with mi, what would you do there? i think i’m comparing with my place and they are different lol

Club house was not for me.

Honestly I just want to go to hang out and chat with other like minded individuals.

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Why @insidemind?

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I’m high functioning. A lot of people wouldn’t talk to me. It was boring. Cleaning up, bingo, etc. Plus, because I live with my grandma and help out, I didn’t get to fully enjoy it.


Yeah they asked me if I wanted to play bingo lol … funny that you mentioned it :smile:

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