My attempt to "recover"

The attempt is as follows.
I will try to find a personal coach, who will hear my entire life story, hear about all my parameters and experiences, who will give me personalized, tailor made advice how to conduct myself.

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Other people are as confused as you are but just don’t understand it,

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You better find good therapist they are professionals who knows how to help in these situations. Life coach will only helps when person is healthy

A life coach isn’t going to help you, Erez.

You need to be on medications and be in therapy.

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Hello @anon54386108.
I am against taking medications.
I hope I will find a coach that will help me.

Why are you so against medications?

I take medications and am much more functional than you are,

Lots of people on this forum are.

Every few days you post about wanting to die,

It sounds like you are desperate for a change.

The change you need is medications.

I oppose such a move @anon54386108.
I hope for something else.
Medications can only deal damage to my goal of physical fitness.

Its possible to be physically fit and on medications,

It just takes work.

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Medications DO DAMAGE to physical fitness.
I seek to IMPROVE my physical fitness, NOT MAKE IT WORSE.

With your attitude towards medications,

You’re never going to get better.

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You know what else ruins physical fitness? Brain damage.

Know a cause of brain damage? Unmedicated mental illness. Each psychotic episode cause damage, even small episodes.

I’m perfectly happy being on medication instead of drooling and pooping myself.

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good luck @Chess24 i hope you come to a good place in your travels :slight_smile:

Have you ever tried being on antipsychotic before for longer than two months?

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