My 21st birthday

Alright since I’ve been gone for so long I’m gonna just post a couple updates on how I’ve been. Tuesday was my 21st birthday and it was honestly the best birthday I’ve ever had. It was the first birthday I’ve had since 5th grade where I felt loved by more people than just the ones who are obligated to love me. (My parents and bf.) my parents bought me everything need to learn to sew and they took me out to dinner with my fiancé. My fiancé’ parents got me a $50 gift card for my Kindle and they took me out to dinner as well. My fiancé is taking me to the zoo and to dinner as soon as the weather is nice enough. And yesterday two of my friends threw me a Star Wars themed party at the bowling alley I bowl in a league at. They got me cake and presents and I really wasn’t expecting it at all. I’ve never felt so appreciated, and it’s really helped pick me up since I had been feeling kinda down for the past few weeks. I had began to feel like not many people really liked me, but now I feel like I have a lot of people in my life who I can count on to make me happy. I really appreciate everything I have that I didn’t even know I had until recently. Also if anyone wants a really tasty piña collada recipe, I have one! :smile:


Happy 21st Birthday!

I’m really glad you have had such a good birthday. I think birthdays are important.

You’re in a lot better place at your 21st birthday than I was

I had gotten arrested may 17th of 2011 and they hospitalized me mandatory 15 days…i got stablized and got out on june 1st…right??? well my birthdays june 5th. I stopped my meds right as i got out…so i became psychotic again really quickly because it was my worst psychotic break by far…by june 8th i was back in the psych ward

so june 5th was right in the middle…at least i got to say I was home for my 21st birthday and even drank a mohito that night at my favorite mexican restaurant…but it wasn’t a good place in my life.

If i ever have kids and they ask “where were you your 21st birthday” i’d have to lie.

Thank you! It was a lot of fun and I still have my zoo trip to look forward to :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!!

Aaah…to be 21 again! I was 21 in 1987. Saw U2 at Olympic Stadium in Montreal!

Dang I’m Old!


Yeah I know a few people who haven’t been in good places lately. One of my friends is in the psych ward right now and I hope she gets out soon. She has depression really bad

That sounds like a really fun birthday :smiley:

What zoo are you going to? I’ve been to the San Diego zoo. Where are you from?

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I’ve been to the San Diego zoo too!

I’ve also been to the Bronx Zoo and the Beardsley Zoo

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I’m from NJ so I’m going to the Philadelphia zoo :slight_smile:


The Bronx zoo is really cool from what I’ve heard

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Sorry to hear that[quote=“PrincessKenny, post:10, topic:49910”]
I’m from NJ

I know it’s the worst place ever. I’m moving out of this fascist state asap lol

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Good I’m glad I didn’t offend you :laughing:

or even worse…if you actually “stood up for new jersey”

My dad makes jokes like “Once I was driving on the moon, and I got cut off by a jersey driver…”

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Haha I don’t believe in being offended XD I hate this god forsaken state with all my soul. That’s a good joke too because everyone here cuts people off. I’m afraid to drive to the grocery store for fear some asshat is gonna run a red light and kill me

I’m not sure which is sadder. The fact that I’m now 50 years old or that U2 is STILL touring!

He also says that New Jersey people will drive everywhere…you could fly a plane anywhere and the minute you get off you’ll see jersey license plates. There also notoriously bad drivers in NJ. I live in CT (1/3rd of the tri-state area) so we get a lot of jersey-ness here.

Haha probably that U2 is still touring. I like their old music but I’m not a fan of anything they’ve put out for a while

well, it sounds like you really had a good time on your 21st birthday ! I am so happy for you. My 21st birthday was the last time I got to see my grandfather alive. He died a month later, but that summer after I turned 21 was very serendipity for me because the oil field died (thank God or I never would have left it) and so I moved to a town where they were building new homes everywhere and I got interested in architecture and joined OU the very next fall. anyways, I’m happy for you that you have so many loved ones around you !