It's my birthday

And i actually feel okay with where I’m at this year. I’m now 26. In the past year I reenrolled in school, got to know my step kids better, got married, and had my daughter’s second birthday. I also just got a pet and am about to move. Feeling okay, wish I was able to feel good. I think I’d feel great if I felt happiness more.


Happy Birthday !!!

Thank you so much!!

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This is the cutest thing!! That seriously made my day already!! Thank you.

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I saw the cake next to your username in one of your other posts and wondered whether it is your birthday today. Happy birthday. Hope it is a good one. :birthday:

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I’m unsure of your gender so tried to pick a neutral-looking cake, now I’ve just noticed it has hearts on… oops ignore them :smiley:

I hope you have good day!

:grin: thank you. Just about to have my morning coffee and take my meds. Going to pack for the move in a couple weeks so my place should become more organized in a way.

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I am female so the cake was perfect. It shows the love of this forum lol.

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hAPPY bIRTHDAY @Saywhaat

Hope you have great day

Aw thank you. Getting all this love had definitely made it start out good!

Happy Birthday!

Thank you Macy! Hope you have a great day :slight_smile:

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Happy birthday!!!


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Hippo Bird Day!!!

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Mmmmm that looks yummy lol

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Happy Birthday from London!

Why thank you sir.

That’s awesome! I’m all the way in Las Vegas. Hello from the city of sin lol.

Happy Birth Day to you, Saywhaat. May you have a lucky and improving year!