Must one combine Sarcosine with NAC?

Hey there, posted this in another thread but posting again somewhat differently…

Those who are taking Sarcosine - are you combining with NAC? Why or why not? I ask because Profrontal sells the two combined and Brainvitaminz does not. Hence one may be able to combine on their own, if need be.

Prior posts on this site seem to converge around the following conclusions:

  1. Profrontal’s combination is better than combining seperately (I’m frugal, don’t hate me!)
  2. Sarcosine is an effective supplement
  3. Sarcosine may wear off after a while.

I can afford the Profrontal vitamin (at least until I gamble away my savings) - what do people suggest?

I’d try each seperately first. I’ve never tried sarcosine but tried NAC and it didn’t work out for me. It just made me muggy headed.

If you try them both at once you won’t know which effect (good or bad) you’re getting from one or the other.

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