Music talking to you

Does anyone else have music talk to them or narrate their actions or mske them laugh? Does anyone think of unexplainable things while they listen to music? Do you feel like the people youre listening to know exactly what youre going through? Or like the music is infiltrated and being controlled by the government or something?

All the time, my delusions are religious/spiritual though so I feel God/the devil/demons use music to talk to me.

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I thought I was alone… Do you ever have voices that correctly predict the future?

It’s actually a really common psychotic phenomenon known as “ideas of reference” I think.

Some of them have. Father and them have warned me of things I didn’t understand at the time and then understood later.

I mean… Sometimes for me theyre not ideas of reference for me, for instance, one time I was scrolling through instagram and the voices said “i spy with my little eye” and a few scrolls later i looked at a post and the caption said exactly that, “i spy with my little eye” i promise you this. Ive had several instances where this has happens and it wasnt just the way I was interpreting it. What do you think about that? I looked it up and there is actually a correlation between psychic abilities and schizophrenia. Some people who are psychic often here voices that give them messages or predictions… What if theyre one in the same? Look up “schizophrenia psychic” and go to the first link

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Yeah, it keeps saying “Wanna Whole Lotta Love”.

But seriously, no, I do not have that problem.


I remember telling my psychiatrist: the lyrics are talking to me

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