Music releases dopamine

So my hypothesis is that people who listen music regularly are generally happier and they have better memories, one could write a Doctoral thesis in this field … :smile:

I wonder if listening to music can worsen or trigger psychosis then, since excessive dopamine is supposedly the cause.

What’s weird is that I’ve noticed sometimes I enjoy music and can really feel it and other times (especially when I was on meds) I was completely indifferent to even my favorite songs.

I can very much get behind this. I usually always have some thing happy going on in the back ground.

I had a meeting with my regular psych nurse few weeks ago and we talked about this matter. I told that when I felt low and down I listen often uplifting music and it works. I do not feel any depression at all. Although I am alone most of the time I do not feel loneliness either. I believe there are many things that could be researched how music influences our brain and its chemistry. Here is one example what type of music I listen often. My Russian is not so good, but I understand few words sometimes.

Dopamine is also released primarily by eating and having sex. I used to have psychosis (voices and paranoia) upon sexual stimulation, my doc told me that repeated exposure would fix it, and I obeyed him and it worked. Now I am not punished by voices whenever I am stimulated, like a normal person.

Dopamine is responsible for pleasure and psychosis. It’s about too much dopamine in the wrong places that causes psychosis. It’s rather fascinating to me, it gets way more complicated so I wont rant any further.

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