Music is still my life, but …

I‘be finally reached the age where finding newer artists just isn’t as important as it used to be. Like I’ve posted before, there were times in life where music was pretty much the only thing I cared about. I’m so glad that I’m still being given opportunities both at the recovery centre and work to focus in other areas. So yes, I’ve known deep down as difficult as I’ve been in recent months, that there’s still so much to live for! :heart:


im glad you love music :slight_smile: i do too. Life is so full of opportunity. there room for other loves too!


I read today that country music is the most popular genre of music. I’m just assuming that’s in the US only although they didn’t specify. This news really brings me down and I feel it’s my fault for not being a fan of or a consumer of music.

The article you read is lying.

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