Mum hit by a car

To be boring another post about the same thing.

Just read that 20% more risk of death in the elderly after serious fractures in the first year - most likely within 3 months

my sister was killed being hit by a car in 2001 age 25
she was schizophrenic

This can’t happen.
we can’t lose her like this

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emailed my father who prick as he is, he will help financially
she needs grab rails, new floor (carpets detach from underlay - so very wrinkled
and physiotherapy at her flat

Fall-related fractures among the elderly represent an important public health problem. Severe fractures have been related to increased risk of death. In order to investigate the mortality profile of elderly individuals with severe fractures, 250 patients aged 60 years and over, hospitalized due to fall-related fractures and 250 elderly without fractures living in the local community were followed-up for one year. They were matched according to sex, age, time of hospitalization and neighborhood. Deaths were identified using probabilistic linkage of the research dataset and the local mortality registry. The one-year cumulative mortality was 25.2% in the case of individuals with severe fractures and 4% for those individuals without. The mortality distribution was not homogeneous across the follow-up period. Two-thirds of deaths among the elderly individuals hospitalized due to fracture occurred within the first 3 months, whereas mortality among those individuals without fractures took place later. Heart disease, pneumonia, GI bleeding, sepsis, and pulmonary embolism, diabetes and stroke were important causes of one-year mortality.

Hey…I can feel for you as I’m getting up there myself and live with my parents. It’s getting better with older people but breaks of hips and things can be so dramatic for you health.

Hang in there and hope your ma gets the help she needs. That car accident sounds scary! That would be drama for me and I’m 47!


She made one casual step into the road (outside the hospital!)
I was with her. her leg above the ankle was at a right angle

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Yeah I read your first post about it. Horrible having to see that and hoping your ma is on the improve!


thanks Rogue

she’s home , but not able to walk or move around yet
they have leant her all sorts of hoe care equipment - at least she’s not in hospital any more


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