Mulungu Bark and Frankincense EO for anxiety

Mulungu bark works extremely well for my anxiety, I buy it in bulk from Holland (from a store called cactusplaza) and then put it in empty self seal tea bags. I’d compare a long brewed cup to 5mg diazepam. More info here:

Frankincense was found in studies to contain a psychoactive ingredient called Incensole Acetate, which crosses the blood brain barrier and relieves people of anxiety and depression.

I tried inhaling the resin fumes on a burner and it was near useless, then I bought essential oil (health aid brand) and put 2-3 drops on a tissue, then inhaled it many times a day. It works very well and seems to increase creativity. More info here:

For anyone who read about my tests with CBD, the price far exceeded the efficacy, so I stopped using it. Also, anxiogenic (anxiety inducing) effects started to occur if I used too much. Take it easy all :slight_smile:

As an update, beurer manufacture excellent essential oil diffusers. All day chemistry.