Much nicer people

The people in NC seem much nicer than the people in FL. I’ve accidentally let my car battery die a couple times since moving to NC and was shocked that people would give me a jump without having me pay for it.

The one exception was an as*hole redneck that tried to pick a fight w/ me for no reason. I think he was drunk though.

It’s a much more rural area than where I used to live in Florida though.

In general, do you think people from rural areas are nicer than people from urban areas?

Yeah I think so, from my experience. People in rural areas are used to sharing and being in a community, people in urban areas are used to be alone.

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maybe this is why so many folks are leaving the “world” behind.

Minnesota people are rude snots! Maybe it’s just my perception of them. But they will run you over with shopping carts.

Probably. But living in a rural area does have a down side. There are plenty of mean people in rural areas. They’re just spread out more. You don’t ever want to come walking up on somebody’s back yard where I live.

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The elderly people at my assisted living center, that I recently moved into, are a million times nicer and friendlier than the rest of the population in the world, (who are generally mean and cruel, as a whole).

In my experience, most people would even have a problem with you walking on their front yard!

Where I live they will shoot you if you even come near their back yard.

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[quote=“Bipolar_Bear, post:1, topic:35162”]
In general, do you think people from rural areas are nicer than people from urban areas?
[/quote]People were nicer to me in Milwaukee than they were to me in my current town - which is literally going from 1,000,000+ people to less than 60,000. I don’t know, bigger city folk liked me more than smaller city folk. I’d get lots of compliments.

Today I just get cold shoulders. Everyone feels distanced & isolated - all fine by me. I’ve got work to do, don’t really have time for family or friends.

Yes. People in rural areas are nicer. I have moved to Chestertown MD, a college town of abut 5000 people, from NJ. People here look out for each other. Even rednecks are helpful.

I went from Phoenix, the 5th largest city in the US, to a shithole called Springfield Illinois. Went from several million to 120,000. When people are able to speak about each other in terms of families they know, it’s too small of a “city” for me. I’ve never lived in such a small place, and it does not suit me. I can’t wait to leave. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” Washington DC, New York City, Baltimore, Detroit, Phoenix…these are the cities I grew up in and enjoyed living in (Detroit takes last place due to sucky weather).

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