Mrs sith was speechless


a while a go we went to a remote sea side town and found a quaint little cafe with views over the ocean…it looked the part…looks can be deceiving…it had a very ’ new ’ shiny coffee machine.
we ordered our double shot capuccinos…
we had to use a pneumatic drill to get through the endless froth, eventualy we found an unusual brown liquid lurking at the bottom of the cups…
mrs sith asked the owner what coffee bean they had used, was it from brazil or a byron bay freshly roasted bean…no…the owner proudly stated it was ’ two heaped spoons of ’ nescafe ’ !?!
mrs sith was speechless…
i think all my taste buds had been destroyed for the whole day !
take care



“Adventures in Coffee”, coming soon to a theater near you !!



One pays for atmosphere. Just as one pays for a lot of advertisement.

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Sorry you had that experience. At least the view was nice.

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Burn that sucker to the ground. Plead insanity. :wink: know that you’ve done a public service.

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sith do not need encouragement to burn things to the ground…as we walked away i threw a match behind me…hahahahahahah…( menacing tone ).
take care

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Exactly, looks can be deceiving. That owner’s idea about how to run a shop is strange…



Oh man, I bet your taste buds are ruined for the day. That would get to me too.

It’s a good think you and Mrs. Sith are used to Jedi attack that this assault on the tongue didn’t get you.