My sister is taking me out to Starbucks for coffee

That will be nice. We’ll sit and talk and get a tasty beverage. She’ll be here to get me in 30 minutes.


Nice. Have fun. :crazy_face:


Thank you @Om_Sadasiva I hope you have a nice day


At Starbucks…

Me: “I’d like a coffee please.”

Barista: “Would you like a shot of paprika in a double cup with an umbrella…a stir stick…and a dash of grenadine?”

Me: "NOOOO!!! I just want a coffee…2 creams and 2 sugars! That’s ALL I would like!

Barista: " A twist of lemon? A caramel drizzle? A peach-flavoured shot??

Me: "Squealing the car tires like Steve McQueen and roaring out of the Starbuck’s drive-thru!



Hope you enjoy visit. Love Starbucks.

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I used to work as a managerfor a Jamba Juice beside a Star bucks in Boulder, CO. Me and the manager for Starbucks traded drinks.


Enjoy yourself! Hope your keeping safe

There’s nothing here or anywhere to be concerned about, right?

The wake up calls you’ve been ignoring!
My God.

What are you on about? Let the woman enjoy her outing.

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Hmm. . .

Seems Like A Great Idea.

Now I Don’t Have Any Starbucks Nearby, Within Walking Distance.

But!, There Is A Shop About 2 Miles Away With Coffee Energy Drinks.

I Got A Bit Of Cash, And I Enjoy The Walk.

Maybe I’ll Grab A Few Drinks And Sit Outside, (As Usual), Smoke A Few Cigarettes, And Rest.

Enjoying The Bustle Of The Average Workday.

The People That Work At The Shop Don’t Mind Me Hanging Out For A Little While.

They Don’t Pay Too Much Attention To Some Random Guy Drinking Energy Drinks Giving Unusual Looks To The Strangers Giving Him Unusual Looks.

It’s Jus Your Usual Unusual.

There’s A Great Song Called Off Of A Great Album, (By) ‘King Tuff’, Called, ‘Unusual World’.

I Might Go Onto That Stage Once Again Tomorrow.

Thanx For The Suggestion @Leaf (!!!).

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :eagle: :paw_prints: :eagle:


I wish this site would allow substance.

Just got my coffee from the gas station. They have a monthly subscription now and I save a lot. I think they mixed up the french vanilla half and half with the regular half and half my coffee is really sweet.

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We allow substance. What we don’t allow is bullying.

That’s a term that is often used to discredit anyone not agreeing.

What the heck is there to agree with? You are bullying someone for getting coffee.

Grow up and leave people alone. This is your only warning. Do it again and get a break.

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Take a ‘whoa pill’ there, Daze.

You’re being cryptic again…rubbing people the wrong way…take a lighter approach and you’ll find more doors opening up for you.

We had a lovely time. had a iced mocha. We sat outside and enjoyed looking at all the green trees on main street. Then on the way back to my place she took me to the grocery store to pick up some zucchini so I can make some pumpkin zucchini muffins today. Yum. I’m going to have the grandbabies over later and I’ll be able to give that to them for snack. I think they’ll really like it.



Let’s just say you have a pattern of getting ‘cryptically confrontational’…as I would deem it.

Keep things straighter/ on the up and up, and try not to provoke so much. You don’t need to be flashy around us. Nobody here is out to get you.

She can’t reply right now. I figured she needed a break from being confrontational and silenced her until 8 am.

I believe she can pm, if you’d like to talk with her.

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