Mr new knowledge about my mental health

My psychiatrist explained to me that I know how to read social cues, I just make a lot of mistakes at identifying social cues, due to my history of developmental delay related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.


I didn’t. Spent a lot of money to learn what they are and how to identify them. The microexpression training was and wasn’t helpful.

Can you explain more why it’s not helpful?

You can’t turn the skill off once you have it. That means you pretty accurately know when someone is lying or how they feel about you. Gives a person another reason to avoid socializing (people lie A LOT).

My social skills is not that good to detect obvious liers.

This is something most of us with ASD have to learn. It’s expensive:

You’ll want access to the full library. This also is not a skill you learn in a week. Takes a few years (at least) to get good at it. Practice, practice, practice. I got tired of coming out the loser in social interactions so I made the investment to up my game.

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