POLL: Social Cues

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Do You Have Trouble Understanding Social Cues?
  • Yes, I have issues with this
  • No, it comes naturally to me
  • Sometimes I do, other times I don’t
  • Other

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Hi peeps,

Hope all is well :dizzy:

I’ve been doing a tiny bit of research on “social cues and Schizophrenia,” and apparently there are a bunch of studies regarding the social difficulties those of us on the SZ spectrum face when communicating with others.

Wikipedia defines social cues as “verbal or non-verbal signals expressed through the face, body, voice, motion (and more) and guide conversations as well as other social interactions by influencing our impressions of and responses to others.

So yea, just wondering if y’all have difficulties interpreting and understanding others.

Thanks :dizzy:

I would like to add that I experience great difficulties in understanding others.

It’s very hard for me to know when someone wants to talk to me, or when they don’t like me-- especially at work.

I do not understand social dynamics well at all.

However, before the illness hit, I was very gregarious and had a fun personality.

I really just enjoyed making people laugh.

Nowadays, I really struggle with social stuff.


What the hell…no pie chart? I’m so disappointed.


I voted “No, it comes naturally to me”.

I’d go so far as to say I’m acutely aware of social cues.

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Seriously though…I don’t really have any issues understanding others cues as far as I know.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I thought about it, but went with a plain ol’ bar graph for this one :sweat_smile:


Most of the time I am aware of social cues but not all the time.
I think that many “normies” are like this too.


I would believe in psychology that social cues can be broken down into 2 main categories which are positive & negative cues. Positive and negative cues would be similar to that of positive & negative symptoms of the various mental health diagnoses such as schizophrenia.

Positive cues would be those social cues where the subject being you or I would be receptive or not to a social cue initiated by another person.

Negative cues would be a social cue where the subject is another person would be receptive or not to a social cue initiated by the experimenter meaning (myself or you).

Something like that.

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It’s not so bad now, but when I was on 10mg zyprexa it was really bad.

To illustrate a colleague of mine screamed out because she was physically attacked by two hophead customers. When I heard the scream I just dismissed it as nothing worth checking out. I didn’t actually see it happen, but I was in a neighbouring room.

Luckily there was another customer who stepped in and defended her.

It’s a bit shameful, because people who don’t take psych drugs themselves can’t understand it really.

For me it’s the drugs that cause issues nowadays.

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It’s weird. Often I can pick up seemingly subtle cues but need to be clobbered over the head with “obvious” ones. It’s kind of like one half genius, bone half dunce.

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I’m a bit odd with this one, I think. I use “social queues” probably using the term incorrectly here… to figure out what’s really going on around me. What am I seeing that others aren’t and what should I likely be doing if I’m not supposed to be seeing these things? It’s a rare day where I’m not seeing or hearing something that I shouldn’t be. I’m probably not getting the intention behind this thread, I think. :neutral_face:

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this might be slightly on a tangent but when i am feeling nervous, especially at work, i have a difficult time fully ACTIVELY listening. I am fine with this but not when I am anxious, which is the general trend at work when i do encounter people.

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i try very hard to listen but it is like my anxiety sort of puts up a bit of a block to hearing them completely

it is like the adrenaline rush is so high ringing psychological alarm bells that i cannot fully hear or comprehend or both

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I think for me the main thing right now is a general lack of interest in social interaction. I think in the past I’ve struggled with social cues, but have gotten better over time.

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