Movie time

I am at the theatre and I am waiting for deadpool 2 to start.
I felt anxious and nervous since my train ride, I am sweaty and I am feeling everything so vivid.
I hope I can relax and watch the movie


Just close your eyes and breathe carefully. Proclaim you are god to the whole theatre and run. Just kidding. Should be a great flick.

Is the superhero genre one of your favorite movie genres? Basically I am asking if you are a big comic book nerd like me?

Good for you to get out to the cinema
Hope you enjoy the film

I just like deadpool, not a big fan of comics.
@shellys12 thank you, it was a good movie, I fell better now

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Great that means you can go again
I haven’t been for a long time waiting for a decent film

When I was 10yo, it was DC Comics, esp Tarzan and Claw the Barbarian. Richie Rich. That was in 1977.


When I was 10 it was the Warren Beatty Dick Tracy Movie and TMNT. I remember desperately wanting to have a radio wrist watch and wanting to eat pizza in a sewer.

I actually got into comics a couple years later. I could be wrong on this but I think I started at the same time The Infinity War started in print. I really jumped in at the right time. I’m almost afraid of watching the movie because of how pivotal that story arc was to me personally.

Spiderman was probably my favorite super hero DC or Marvel or other. In fact he kind of still is. Though I don’t read comics much anymore.

I remember a joint DC/Marvel publication that pitted Spiderman vs Superman. The format of the book was oversized. I didn’t buy that one.

I would’ve been into Conan magazine (Marvel), but IMO the artwork wasn’t as great as the DC artists. Later, I started reading Conan paperbacks with covers by Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, and Bob Larkin. Those books were an aesthetic experience for me. I loved the fantasies of super barbarians who controlled their own destinies in the teeth of sorcerers and other magic workers. The reissues of Burroughs’s Martian series, with the Michael Whelan covers, were a real sensation for me. In 2002, at an art convention, someone bought all 11 cover paintings for a measly ten grand. I felt sick. I think since then they were resold. Michael Whelan also made two large paintings for a run of Del Rey eds. of H.P. Lovecraft.

They say never judge a book by its cover, and that’s true. But a fantastic cover certainly helps!

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I love Spidey but I’d have to admit unless there were restrictive conditions Supes would demolish him lol. I think what I liked about Spiderman is that things almost got more not less complicated for him with his super powers. After he was bitten he still had to worry about everything normal teenagers then adults need to worry about while having to save people from evil lizard doctors and alien symbiotes.

It is actually a little zen. Because no matter how put together a situation is, unless you are put together on the inside, it will get messed up.

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I just thought John Carter of Mars was so cool, a Civil War vet transported to the red planet naked and unarmed. Because of the difference in gravity, his agility was far better than that of Martian people. Put a sword in his hand and he’d prove himself the Warlord of Mars every time. He said if he had to die, he wanted to die fighting. And he was proudest not of being the Warlord, but of being a Virginian, ha-ha.

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