Movie recommendations

It’s the weekend for me

Anyone got any movie recommendations?

Neurotic, action, mystery, sci-fi, other twisty turny stuff, or just general recommendations

“The Storm of the Century”. It’s a Stephen King story. It’s posted on the internet for free.

Cool. Thanks 15 char

There are also a couple other really good movies on the internet for free - “Town Without Pity” with Kirk Douglas in it. And “Angel Heart” with Micky Rouark. Both are great movies.

Ohh I saw this once, the dude possessed with legion. will really test my religious delusions haha :smile:

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You might check out some Alfred Hitchcock movies. Some of them are on the internet for free. I don’t know how much money you have, but you can find good movies on the internet for free.

“Angel Heart” is the type of movie you like better the second and third time you see it. There are things in it that are easy to miss the first time you watch it.

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The big sick. It just came out rental, the trailer is not good, but its a great movie, good reviews. Funny but serious. Not many good movies come out nowadays

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Some of my faves are:

  1. the Wanderers
  2. Mean Streets
  3. Taxi Driver
  4. Rosemary’s Baby
  5. Dawn of the Dead
  6. Annie Hall
  7. Blade Runner
  8. the Passion of Joan of Arc

You can’t really go wrong with any of those :slight_smile:

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