Mother's arguing with the moon

Doesn’t want her kid to grow up and leave home. What will be will be, Mom.

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Que Sera Sera @PinCushion. My father couldn’t wait to get my sister and I out of the family home, even paying rent on a flat for us. (I was only seventeen at the time). My mum didn’t have a say in the matter - she would not dare stand up to my father.

Yes. I have found fathers to be different, too. Even the day the baby is born, they start talking about when the baby is going to be an adolescent. lol

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My father didn’t want me and my sister to grow up and leave home. (He didn’t care what our brothers did). He wanted my sister and I at home with him, under his nose so he could sexually abuse us. To keep us there, he convinced us we were helpless and could never care for ourselves without him.

Holy sh it. What an awful person. I’m so sorry that happened to you and your sister Please tell me he’s in jail for this!


No, he’s dead now. 151515151515

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