Nastiest person you have ever met on the ward

There was a real bad piece of work who decided to torment me. He had already been moved off 2 other wards before he came through ours. He threatened me with physical violence.

He eventually got moved to yet another ward where he got stabbed by another patient.


The kid I had to share my room with during my first stay in the psych ward at 14, I couldn’t use the shower because he defecated in it and made the staff clean it up. Otherwise most of the patients were fairly pleasant throughout my various stays, there was one guy who had been a football player in high school and couldn’t deal with the fact that he hadn’t gotten into college or the NFL so he ended up believing he actually WAS in the NFL. Kind of sad really, he wasn’t too bad if you gave him his distance but he’d still walk up to me and shove me out of the way for my place in the med line.

The screamer. There was this one man who would not stop screaming. I mean, he never shut up. Be it day, be it night, nope. Every hour. Idk why no one sedated him, because they sure as hell sedated me.
I can still hear him screaming, today.

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There was this guy at a psychiatric hospital in Dallas I was in. Everyone hated him because he was a total jerk and an ■■■■■■■. The way he talked to people would cause almost anyone to fight him outside the hospital, but he was protected from physical altercations inside the place. The guy was a total wimp physically, but no one could touch him. He acted like he was super bad, and I think he believed he was, though just about anyone could take him. He always claimed he knew martial arts. He spent a lot of time strapped down in restraints because he was abusive to staff. The whole time he was strapped down he would shout abuse at the staff at the top of his voice. Everyone hated that. He’d been at the hospital for four years when I was there, and I don’t know how much longer he stayed. He had a rich father that took care of the bills. There were a few times I saw other people trespass on his rights, but not very much, and not very often.

this one guy, if he tried to say, “who’s the man?” and you didn’t high five him and say, “you’re the man” he would pee on your bed and steal your money. he did that to me multiple times, I know you’re wondering why I didn’t just give him what he wanted its because I was scared.

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I love ya’ll and don’t think you mean any harm, but I don’t think it’s cool to talk trash about other mentally ill people. Chances are their behaviors meant they received less and poorer care than other patients.


One of the faculty. He was one of those people who tormented people like how they do in those electro shock therapy experiments where the person getting shocked is only acting and not actually getting shocked. Also their was the guy who fixed the lock on the trash, but I provoked him even though he held high amounts of stigma in his mind about any mentally ill person.

A female psych tech.
Ok to trash those employed to care for us?

Had no Idea what triggered her anger and rage for me, but I had just asked her what time it was, and when she said it was 6, I responded with "AM or PM."
She came unglued and ripped all of my bedding off of me, including the pillow out from under my head, and struggled to pry it from my hands.
She won,
but her shouting about her being sick of seeing me in bed for 3 days and ordering me to get out of bed drew enough attention from other staff members, and they were shocked enough by her behavior that they sent her home.
None of this got a response out of me, I still laid there in bed, shivering in the freezing cold room,
and the nice male nurse came up and apologized for her odd behavior and asked if he could do anything for me.
More blankies and a pillow please.
He did, and I stayed in bed.

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Once i had a nightmare and went out of my room scared trying to talk with someone, the women in the staff said that if i didnt go back to my room imeddiatly she would lock me there

when I was locked up the first time…the whole staff…were horrible. ive talked about it before, but yeah…putting someone into a medically induced catatonic state to the point thye cant even use the bathroom and have to be in diapers? and forcing pills down their throat because you aren’t allowed ot give them med via injection or IV? Oh and my personal favorite, accusing them of stealing from and molesting a younger patient when they aren’t even capable getting out of the bed on their own? Especially when the other patient was in a ward on the other side of a guard station?

Yeah. not much I can say on the other patients since I was never allowed to interact with them.

I’m hesitant to talk about the nastiest person I’ve met (or encountered, in my case) in the hospital because he was a patient, but at the same time, the staff members weren’t all that bad. I didn’t really like some of the them because I considered them to be overly strict. Then again, some of the things I was restricted to make sense, since I was hospitalized for having suicidal and homicidal ideation because of a great amount of stress I was under.

The staff can be cruel sometimes. I had this one social worker…so I was very depressed and highly delusional. She came in to talk to me, and I was certain she was up to something bad. I started offending her and got a bit frantic.

I said something that hit a sore spot…she stood up said “we are done here” and left me restrained with out anyone around for a few hours. I never got her name. I really didn’t like her. She kept trying to get my parents arrested when they did absolutely nothing…

Looking back… I hate to say it… I might have been the nastiest person in the ward…

I remember doing some pretty horrid stuff to vent my anger… I disrupted peoples meals… I punched walls…

I shouted… I made huge messes in anger and left it there for the staff to clean up.

I felt like I was THE ONLY person in the ward who had a true problem… everyone else was just posing… so I was entitled…

There was this one nurse… much smaller then I was and she walked up to me… got firm and laid it on the line about my behavior. She was a tough lady… but she let me know under no uncertain terms that I was being the jerk and also that I was NOT the only one in the boat.

She even made me clean up one of the messes I created.

This annoying sociopath. But I got him in the end. Beat him at his own game and manipulated him to look stupid and apologize. :smirk_cat:

A jerk from when I was in the hospital 5 months ago. I don’t know him old he was, he was probably in his late twenties. He was a jerk to everybody. The staff would tell him not to do something and then he would make a point of doing it anyway. He strutted around mouthing off to people all day and intimidating people. Nobody liked him. Well, he went one too far and a guy who I had pegged as a mild-mannered laid back guy finally snapped and jumped on the fool and whaled on him for about thirty seconds. It took 5 burly staff members to pull him off. Life is inherently unfair but for once some total jerk got exactly what he deserved.

Another patient who sexually assaulted me by sneaking into my room in front of the staff and attacking me in my bed. I narrowly escaped, but he raped another patient a few years later and last I heard, that dude was in Atascadero. He wasn’t sz, I think he was just a sociopath who was there to avoid prison. I still have ptsd related to that incident, and another.

Then, at a second facility, a second guy tried the same thing before I realized the door had a lock (at the first one, we did not get door locks and anyone could come into our room).

And staff staff staff (never really had a problem with doctors or nurses, just the mental health techs who pretend like they don’t hear all the chaos and just hide in their room rather than try to smooth things out among the patients). I’d like to say they had nothing to do with it, but they are legally our carers and neglect is neglect.

I think we need to speak up about the dehumanizing aspects of institutionalization so that people know what we go through. Commenting on what we experienced in the hospitals is necessary so that society understands how we are treated in silence and secrecy.

asked this question at my group today (we had a special meeting to make up for the last one being interrupted.)

Two people told me to go ahead an tell their examples. I wont give their names.

  1. they were put away in the early 80s shortly after being diagnosed with SZ. They were 25. They were kept sedated despite not having any violent symptoms but back then it was common practice. They were used by staff as a sex object, and actually became pregnant. That was when they were released and left on their own. They ended up giving birth and the child was taken because a mental patient couldn’t be trusted to raise one. It took six years for them to get the child back, because without this child they had no case against the staff that abused them. The father of the child was sentenced to 25 years for multiple rape charges and the rest of the staff were never charged.

That one was the worst…

  1. They were put away in early 2000, after they tried to commit suicide. When they broke down crying another patient started screaming at them, then when it made them cry harder, the other patient started beating them. The staff, instead of breaking it up, took bets on how long it would last. It took four other patients to stop the beating. The they were all locked up for causing a disturbance. This person complained when they got out, but there was no evidence of it happening because the camera in that rec room was broken.

That one is also pretty bad.