Most Common Delusions?

What are the most Common Delusions you’ve heard of or experienced with SZ? I’m sure this has been covered here, but can’t find anything on it.

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Religious / the occult probably. Paranoia too.


Definitely paranoia, thinking people or organizations are out to get you and can read your mind and infiltrate your brain/thoughts.


Paranoia (CIA, neighbours, aliens…) and grandiose (I’m God, I’m the President or related to him, I’m Jesus…).


Grandeur. When someone compliments me in real life I’ll try to become the best at it at the expense of everything/everyone else, including my own health sometimes :frowning:


Paranoia. Thoughts about being watched\monitored or that someone/thing/organisation is out to get me. Doesn’t help I have had encountered actual real events where this has happened.

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Paranoid mostly

I would say mind reading paranoia, grandiose religious delusions, and conspiracy delusions.


My paranoid conspiracy theory became so big i just cant care about it anymore… i still think i nailed it and my mind seems satisfied with it enough it just doesnt worry about it anymore…

hmm hooo ahhh


complete sentence

ALL intelligence agencies.
God or god-like beings.
hidden messages in media
believing the medicine we need for sz/sza is really poison


Thinking you’re the next messiah/God, thinking the government is spying on you and out to get you for x reason are the two major ones I think.


Delusions of Grandeur and Delusions of inferiority.

After my doc treats me just about 5 months more he’ll be able to put in the new pool he’s always wanted.

The only thing that keeps me going in life is that Andy Dick is ten times more screwed up than I am. It makes me feel good.


Paranoia and auditory hallucinations. The hearing people happens daily but it’s harmless and I’ve grown to be very used to it. But my paranoia is most frequent with heating cars or people at my apartment complex or driving in my car like I’m being followed.

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Parnoid. Religious. They are pretty common. Thinking people are out to get you or your special…or both. It doesn’t descriminate!

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Paranoid about people talking about me.


I have experienced different delusions and paranoia in the first 2 years.

  1. Envious neighbor after me through witchcraft.
  2. Spy cams in my house
  3. I was abducted by aliens
  4. I have an astral husband
  5. They’re demons
  6. They’re spirit guides
  7. They are God’s
  8. And so on, I Just said will you make up your mind! I think they have an identity crisis :slight_smile:

Copy paste from wikipedia

Delusion of control: False belief that another person, group of people, or external force controls one’s general thoughts, feelings, impulses, or behavior.[16]
Cotard delusion: False belief that one does not exist or has died.[17]
Delusional jealousy: False belief that a spouse or lover is having an affair, with no proof to back up their claim.[16]
Delusion of guilt or sin (or delusion of self-accusation): Ungrounded feeling of remorse or guilt of delusional intensity.[16]
Delusion of mind being read: False belief that other people can know one’s thoughts.[16]
Delusion of thought insertion: Belief that another thinks through the mind of the person.[16]
Delusion of reference: False belief that insignificant remarks, events, or objects in one’s environment have personal meaning or significance.[16]
Erotomania: False belief that another person is in love with them.[16]
Grandiose religious delusion: Belief that the affected person is a god or chosen to act as a god.[18][19]
Somatic delusion: Delusion whose content pertains to bodily functioning, bodily sensations or physical appearance. Usually the false belief is that the body is somehow diseased, abnormal or changed.[16] A specific example of this delusion is delusional parasitosis: Delusion in which one feels infested with insects, bacteria, mites, spiders, lice, fleas, worms, or other organisms. Affected individuals may also report being repeatedly bitten. In some cases, entomologists are asked to investigate cases of mysterious bites. Sometimes physical manifestations may occur including skin lesions.[20]
Delusion of poverty: Person strongly believes they are financially incapacitated. Although this type of delusion is less common now, it was particularly widespread in the days preceding state support.[21]


is there a word for the opposite of erotomania? because god knows i had the opposite of it before i was put on meds, and still have a touch of it

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I get delusions of thought insertion and control as well as persecution (thought my mom in law was trying to poison me).

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