More poetry


what the ■■■■ is this i see?
methinks you came only to be
inside my pathetically addled mind
never again to hit rewind
no song no film no photo may
take away things done those days
no poem, no word no pretty song
nothing to see, please move along
no music plays in this ■■■■ pit
nothing modern coz nothing fits
nothing dark enough to reflect your soul
that’s if you had one, go on, go
for i don;t trust a single word
too many serpents among this herd
will smile at me with their fingers crossed
and laugh away at the years i’ve lost
no tears do you see
falling from me
numb as ■■■■
is how i be
then, now and forever more
dont you dare
come upon these shores
my knives are ready and willing to find
to carve out their names in your behind
a mother, a brother, a daughter, a son
sleep for a second and you’ll come undone
a tapestry so carefully woven
heaven’s little angel
with feet so cloven
oh bollox you know i can;t be arsed
to carry on this ludicrous farce
so write if you like
shout and and rage
scrawl it out
to the end of the page
just get to the point coz i’m losing my patience
my interest really is seriously latent
and i think that is all i’ll say
coz that;s quite enough tomfuckery for one day


:rabbit: hug
take care :alien:

thanks sith. sooo glad to hear you’re ok. i know i haven;t bee around much lately but in the words of the dark sith himself. know that i care :heart:

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