More bad news

I went to the obgyn a few days ago and got a sonogram done. She said there was a lot of blood in my uterus and she recommended a procedure or a surgery. She said this isn’t urgent since it has a very low risk of it turning into cancer, but she told me that my uterus was not healthy and it needs close monitoring.

The thought of surgery really scares me.

I hate that so many things are going wrong in my body and I don’t know what to do.

I’m distraught on how to take care of my ill body.


I don’t know what I can say that would make everything all better. But I think doctors will be able to help this problem easy enough.

In terms of everything, I think it’s best to focus on the positive and on what you do have. I don’t think I’ll be able to work the rest of my life, but I’m trying to enjoy these next few years that I have.

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I had my uterus removed last year.

I had ovarian cancer so I was a high risk of getting it on my uterus aswell so better remove it.

I guess one has to trust the doctors.
They are specialists.

Good wishes to you.:tulip:

I’ve had lots of surgeries on my uterus and ovaries. Now, I no longer have either. The surgeries all went well. No major pain after or any problems.

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I’m sorry you’re going trough this, and everything else. I hope all goes well and you recover well.

Well, this sounds like it is the problem you’ve been having, so you should be getting better.

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Thank you, everyone. I will be ok.


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