Mood tracking apps?

Hey guys. Looking for a good very simple mood tracking app for my kids. Like the most basic, it notifies you to use it, you open it and click on a number or face or something, then close it. Preferably free, for apple and android.

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I tried this one

I just use my own mood journal.
I track my moods that way @ninjastar

I think that’s a monthly paid subscription though @anon94176359


Oh sorry. I didn’t read that bit

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Programming mine would be easy, just send it into rage mode and make the screen red whenever it determines I’m driving a vehicle :smiley:

I use this one. It’s free, but there is a premium upgrade (which I paid for). But the free version is still very good, in my opinion.

You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. It’s very customizable.

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Actually @anon94176359 this app os perfect! The free version is very basic, which is exactly what we want.

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