Mood swings

This morning i was feeling ok. I was joking around with my mom. Now i feel really depressed and dont really want to be around anyone. Im tired and cranky even though i got a good night of sleep. I just want to lay in bed all day


I’m sorry Pastey but hopefully this won’t last

I was down in the dumps yesterday but today feeling pretty good.

Yes. I seem to start the day off okay but as it wears on i get more and more depressed. Probably because i cant find anything to occupy my time

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I used to get like this quite a bit, mixed with agitation. They were diagnosed as mixed states. I really felt bad during those time periods. I hope that’s not what’s going on with you. Either way, I hope you feel better.

Agitation is one of my main feelings. I feel annoyed by everything

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I always know when I’m having a mixed state because of the agitation. I don’t get that feeling any other time. Although bad feeling, my mixed states were fairly safe, didn’t get too manic, didn’t get too depressed, I was switching back and forth frequently enough that I wasn’t getting too severe in either. But I was concerning family members because I was vocal about the agitation and letting off steam which came off aggressive.

I dont let it be known. I just seperate myself from everyone

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