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So lately she’s been talking about how her whole family is prophetic and has had “religious experiences”, such as seeing and hearing things. She calls me a “seer” which I guess has something to do with seeing demons? But there’s a thing, I don’t necessarily believe in this kinda stuff and I feel like she’s trying to pressure me into believing. I’m too nice and quiet to retort with, "I don’t believe in this stuff mom, and it’s kind of making me stressed because with my mental issues, I want to believe in these things due to being susceptible."
How do I deal with this sort of stuff? I’m pretty sure her side of the family has psychosis running through it but no one’s ever been diagnosed except her sister, whom has Schizophrenia supposedly…though she abused amphetamines many years ago, but she still has problems apparently.
So any advice on how to take these sort of things with a grain of salt?


some may say you said it first. mom’s are over doing things why stressed, she may have had a brain fart. she’s a nice person under there.

Yeah, I mean, she’s nice and all but I just feel like she’s pressuring me into believing, though I’m not sure if that’s her intention.

During the worst part of my premedicated psychosis my dad said that I should accept the title of prophet and that I should become one.

I believed him but the only reason I did not became one was because I did not know how to support myself financially.

So when I started AP’s I let go of the idea and almost became an atheist. My dad never again bothered me with the idea to become a prophet.


Maybe bring up your beliefs. Let her know you believe that schizophrenia runs in your family.

I had to tell my mom the same thing who is clearly schizophrenic (diagnosed bi polar) her mom was crazy and her mom’s mom shot herself in the head in front of her kids. Me and both my sisters have all been diagnosed schizophrenic. Although my younger sister may have only had drug induced psychosis. Not sure yet.


I think my mom encouraged and escalated my disorder when I was younger that way, actually. She had some strange beliefs and she would press them on me so hard that I was kind of forced to take them and believe them too, so when I had unusual beliefs that eventually became full-blown delusions, I never thought anything of it. She was never diagnosed, but thinking back, she had some signs of psychosis, maybe never full-blown schizophrenia.

That being said, you can always try to tell her firmly that you don’t want to believe int hose things because it’s bad for you. Just be open and honest with her. It’s not healthy to try to avoid it and skirt around it to avoid potentially hurting her feelings or because of awkwardness.


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Thanks for the comments, I’ll work on my confidence in these situations and do my best to mention it to her without making these matters into an argument.


i’d try and make light of what she says, don’t take it seriously and just try and laugh it off if you can :slight_smile:

I’ll do my best, some times I have a tendency to take things a bit seriously, so I’ll try to keep that in mind, thanks!

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