Mom preparing my dad for his

Death…. My mom I think she underestimates my dad. She’s horrible in the regard she’s already planning where she’s gonna live “when dads gone”. And tells me where I’m gonna live. My dad has Parkinson’s. My mom always points out what she thinks is symptoms showing his decline. She asks me uncomfortable questions. I think he’s got ten years left in him and maybe with advancement’s in medicine maybe more. But my mom doesn’t help. She’s so hard on him. He doesn’t put up with it well. I guess I learned to put up with her over the years with my illness. My dad always in good health 73 soon. Well he doesn’t do all he could and my mom gets frustrated. He does what he wants to do in regards to his Parkinson’s. Like we bought him boxing stuff it’s supposed to be good but he never used it. But idk I’m just venting not looking for answers. It’s sad but me personally I’m not scared of death. My parents on the other hand are frightened of the thought.


She sounds really tough. My mum is as well. I was just on the phone and she’s making further plans to expand her business to new locations. She’s 62. She told me she’s planning to work until 80. Work will alwaybe be number 1 for her.

Anyway, I hope they both soften with age.

That’s all I can hope for.


I think that your Mom is planning ahead.
She most likely has good intentions @Jonnybegood

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I’m sure she has good intentions. Thanks wave. She does say uncomfortable things a lot though. She was taking lexapro but now she stopped cuz it makes her constipated. She’s obviously stressed out to be on lexapro. Yes she means well you’re right.

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It’s just tough. I don’t wanna leave them tho at this time. Or ever.


My father is 75, no parkinson but his movements and thoughts already slowed down, I hope he gets to live another 10yrs. Both my grandfathers died in their 60s from cancer. Both were heavy smokers and I never saw them as they died before I was born.

Both my parents are tough, very stubborn. I think these traits will allow him to live longer. I couldn’t see my dad going out without a fight. Hes a fighter for sure.

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My mom is 75 btw. Older than my dad. But she has like bone issues but nothing life threatening right now.

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