Is it possible to delete all of my posts?

I’m kind of embarrassed by them.

Any way I can delete my entire posts?

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I don’t think you can. Well you can flag every post that you don’t want up. Or anonamyse your account. But I think that is it.

Don’t leave the forum!! :open_mouth:

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There is nothing embarrassing about your posts.

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You are that rare person who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and to use the forum for what it’s supposed to be for, support. I love that you share your feelings and reach out when you’re in need. Don’t ever be embarrassed by your posts.


Im the type of bloke that “just puts it out there” when im posting sometimes.

I do get the odd paranoid twinge tho - that the ex-wife might find them and read them.

But she has no idea i changed my name - so i dont worry.

Dont worry about it. It shows character to show your vulnerable side.

Hope this helps

Thanks. I’ll keep this in mind.