Modafinil for Schizophrenia

Modafinil can be helpful for wakefulness and cognitive function in schizophrenia

Echoing Prof Eileen Joyce’s Paykel lecture earlier this month, Dr Scoriels and colleagues suggest that modafinil-induced improvements in cognition in schizophrenia could have a “significant beneficial effect on broader aspects of patients’ functioning, including functional outcome, quality of life and wellbeing”. Given that IQ is the single most reliable factor of long-term clinical outcome in patients with schizophrenia, it is clear to see how this could be the case.

I suggested this to my pdoc after seeing the movie limitless. He said “that might just be a good drug for you…”. But didn’t prescribe it. A year later I asked again. He gave me a free sample and I tried it and unfortunately it made me psychotic but everyone’s brains are different!!

I hope you didn’t use it to stay up all night. Some people find it hard to sleep when you first take it. Never happened to me as I am pretty much a zombie without it. But might be best to start off with 50mg first thing in the morning to be safer.

It was 50 mg in the morning. I was very vulnerable at the time though. Maybe it’d be better for me now. Gotta go though!!

I don’t think I could function well without it

I even consumed 60 tab of it once and being awake for four night, anyway if somebody wants to take it it should be with strong ap cause other wise it make you really psychotic,

I just saw my sleep doctor last week and asked about being prescribed modafinil or armodafinil. She refused to consider it because she said she was nervous it would trigger a manic episode (even though I’ve been on it before it and didn’t trigger a manic episode). I’m pissed about being rejected over a very reasonable request imo. I’m guessing this will be the last time I ever see that doctor. :rage: was reliable for me for years while my insurance didn’t cover it