Mjseu. Your country ranked No.1 by Visa Index last year

No wonder you had travelled all over the world. --just kidding.

Finland, Sweden and the UK passport holders have the privilege to visit over 170 countries without a visa.



I suppose this is because these countries are peaceful nations with good relations to various governments. I hope there will never be a war in Finland.

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In the past life of mine in the 1990s I wanted to travel to nations such as Iran and Guatemala to where some other nationalities such as U.S. citizens may be afraid of going, when I suggested my former US spouse to travel to Guatemala in 1996 she just said that she did not want to go there because she was afraid that she would have been killed there, I viewed it as the safe place to travel to. In the Central America there are still some bad memories of some US, the CIA, actions there.