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The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index is a global
ranking of countries according to the travel freedom that
their citizens enjoy.
For more than a decade, Henley & Partners has analyzed
global visa regulations to present an index ranking each
country and territory in the world by the number of
countries that their citizens can travel to visa-free.
The index is produced in cooperation with the International
Air Transport Association (IATA), which maintains the
world’s largest database of travel information, and is
published annually.
Countries are ranked according to the total number of
other countries which they can access visa-free.


Top 20:

1 Germany 177

2 Sweden 176

3 Finland 175
United Kingdom

4 Belgium 174
United States

5 Austria 173

6 Canada 172
Ireland (Republic of)
Korea (Republic of,

7 Greece 171
New Zealand

8 Australia 169

9 Malta 168

10 Hungary 167
Czech Republic

11 Slovakia 165

12 Liechtenstein 164

13 Latvia 163

14 Estonia 162

15 Poland 161

16 Monaco 160

17 Cyprus 159

18 San Marino 156

19 Chile 155

20 Hong Kong 154
(SAR China)


I… don’t… understand…! :stuck_out_tongue:

The number behind each of the country name indicate “total number of
other countries which they can access visa-free” which means the more countries they can access visa-free, the better its ranking. :smile:

Since it’s not needed to go through visas to travel inside the EU once you’re a EU citizen I almost forgot visas existed :slight_smile:

I might go to Macao next year. Not sure if looking forward to it or not, 8 hours plane rides with stops for about 5 hours in an airport. Don’t know if I want that. Too stressful.

8 hours plane rides is still reasonable. I took flight from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne for 8 hours as well, and served with two meals. :spaghetti:

Going to Macau will bring back childhood memories for you. Will you be traveling alone or with someone accompany you?

Oh, I forgot that European Union is visa-free among the countries.

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I might go for christmas with my mom, we talked about it, but not sure if it’s a good idea to spend that money on that trip.

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