Mixing canned foods

does it taste good?
(probably not healthy…)

  • no
  • yes

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I mix canned peas with canned corn and asperagus or palm hearts… in a salad… beans with corn in a salad… and add a tablespoon of mayonnaise and a lemon juice.

added poll, just for you! :relaxed:

you can get frozen though … cheaper and healthier - frozen vegetables you can steam with some rice…
frozen peas and carrots =)

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yeah, you’re right.
I should also cook.
and I should also clean more.
and I should go outside and talk with people.

lol lol just kidding.

frozens need preparation and cooking.
not for me.

just remove one cup in the morning and put it in fridge then boil it for 5 minutes?!

nah, bro.

can microwave meal in half that time.