No longer eating processed foods

Opened up a bag of protein blends microwaveable veggie mix and found some kind of powdery clump in my food - it was disgusting.

Going to try to eat healthier less processed foods.

Simple whole foods with little ingredients.


That would put me off too

You’re making the right decision.


That’s awesome! Good luck!


Buy a food steamer and put fresh veggies there. :slight_smile:


Frozen veggies are OK, but I would recommend plain frozen veggies without any added sauces. That way you’re getting just the veggies and no other stuff. Frozen peas are pretty good.


Good idea @Wave !!!

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Good luck @wave

I have been making food lately too. 3 large meals to eat the whole week.

The only ready-made food I buy is hummus, some different dips, frozen pizza :thinking:

I know it is a big chore to cook, but you can get creative a little.


Good for you!! I try to eat as unprocessed as possible too, but when I get lazy i sneak in junk food. Fall, get up again. Every day is a new day. :blush:

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Since I learned how to make a good tomato sauce, it is relatively easy to get away from processed foods.

Make a ‘sofrito’ by gently frying small diced pepper and onions for 10-12 minutes with salt and pepper in olive oil, chilli if you like, add some tomato puree, add chopped tomatoes, add a touch of honey, cook out for a few minutes and voila a decent tomato sauce.

pour over anything. pasta, rice, cooked chicken etc.


you should try the vegan diet…its great for your health…


Personally, I don’t believe in diets. I think you are punishing yourself. If need to lose exercise a little and portion control. See I’m a recovering anorexic, I look at food as fuel for my body. I try to eat healthy but also incorporates some things like waffles, pizza, brownies, truffles, etc. however, I make 90% of what I eat fro scratch. If feeling lazy thaw out chicken breast from freezer put a little homemade rub and grill it with some veggies and make rice In my steamer. I eat white and brown, but have to be careful cuz most brown rice has a lot of arsenic in it. I love my bread maker, too. I also take omegas and a good multion drs orders. GL. One of my friends is always on some sort of diet. For got a tummy tuck and breast enlargement. I just don’t get why we can’t be content with what we have. I can’t go backwards but recovering from an eating disorder is hard as ■■■■ no matter what kind binge, bulimia, exercise induced or anorexia. It’s all about control and if you let go, your life will be better. On Saturday I was upset and ate four brownies ah,well. For dinner I made chicken masala with sourdough bread. I am stuck in this body so might as well take care of it. So no more self destructive behaviors. I’m not going to knock on anybody’s diet recommendations but plant protein adds up at the grocery store and protein is hard to digest. Just try different approaches at food, and see what works for you because there is no reason to be miserable. But if you ave to do something drastic cuz of health, do what your dr recommends.

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